The Black Shadow hacker group, apparently operating on behalf of the Iranian government and responsible for the cyber attack on the insurance company Shirbit last December, leaked details of thousands of Israelis this evening (Saturday) after it managed to break into the database of Cyberserve, a website building and hosting company. Among the sites that were hacked was the “Atref” website, a dating site for LGBT people, which is causing concern among users.

Cyberserve’s servers are large and well-known sites – including Mifal Hapayis, the Broadcasting Corporation here, Taglit, Dan, Kavim, the Israel Bar Association, the Association for the War in Film, the Children’s Museum in Holon and the Teachers’ Union. This morning the hackers posted a message on their telegram page, which read: “Hello again! We have news for you. You probably could not connect to many sites today.”

A few hours later, the attackers began leaking photos of records from the Kavim bus company’s database, alongside the caption: “They did not contact us, so here is the initial information.” Shortly afterwards, they distributed a file that contained a database of 28 records that included personal information – such as an ID card, residential address, telephone number and email address.

Tonight they issued a notice leaking additional details, including 1,000 users from the Atref website Only one percent of the number of users whose information is in their possession, according to the group’s announcement. The details of 9,000 users of the “Dan” website, 120,000 users of the “Pegasus” website And more. Among the details leaked are the users’ phone numbers, addresses and email addresses, along with their passwords, names and nicknames on the site.

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Earlier today, the national cyber system referred to the hacking of the database of Cyberserve, a construction and hosting company, and said: “In the past year, the national cyber system has warned the company several times that it is vulnerable to attack. “They will meet the standards of defense. Companies that join the program and meet the standards set by the lineup will reduce the chance of being harmed by a cyber attack.”

The statement also recommended that “the company recommended to the affected company to inform its customers about the leak. Citizens whose phone and email details have been leaked, it is recommended to be more vigilant for emails and suspicious messages, change passwords and implement two-step verification in all applications such as social networks and the bank app. “.

The LGBT Association in response to the hacking of the Atref website: “Readers and callers at the National Cyber ​​Headquarters to act urgently to prevent information leaks. The leakage of users’ personal details is a danger to mental harm. Starting at 19:30 on 2982 * “.

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