The State Attorney’s Office announced today (Sunday) that the cyber department of the State Attorney’s Office has worked with Telegram in order to block the activities of the Black Shadow group. Following the appeal, Telegram blocked the Black Shadow groups, in which personal information that was hacked, according to the group, was distributed from Israeli websites hosted on CyberServe servers. The groups now appear as “private”, and not accessible to the general user public.

Among the sites hacked was the Proud Community dating site “Atref” which the Black Shadow group has been posting user records for in the past day, including information including email addresses, nicknames and a comment field containing many personal details (such as whether the site subscriber carried HIV ).

The director of the cyber department at the State Attorney’s Office, Dr. Haim Wismonski, stated that the unit believes, among other tasks, in removing content, sites, groups and users that violate the law. Various women and young women without their consent, groups of terrorist operatives, violent groups calling for harm to residents in the wake of Operation Wall Guard, and more.

The cyber department of the State Attorney’s Office wanted to add that it is quite possible that the group will continue to upload content in new groups that will be opened on Telegram, Darknet and the group’s website. However the department intends to continue trying to “bring down” the group’s sites.

The hackers’ telegram channel was blocked (Photo: Telegram screenshot)

Earlier today, the group of hackers Black Shadow issued an ultimatum regarding the publication of its information. In a statement posted on their telegram channel, the hackers claimed that they had not yet received an official request from the Israeli government or sources from the hacked Cyberserve company.

“Obviously this is not an important issue for them,” they said. “We know everyone is worried about Atref’s database, and we’re asking for money. The person who was on the site. “

They noted that if they receive a million dollars in digital currencies, within 48 hours, they will not leak the information or publish it, “they stressed,” this is the best thing you can do now. “

In response, Atref said that the company is working to return the service only after it is fully secure, including resetting passwords for all users: “We are dealing with an Iranian cyber terrorist incident.” They added that they “recommend users to change passwords on other sites – if they have used the same password”.

They also said that they work in full cooperation with the national cyber system and act according to its guidelines, “We are aware of the great sensitivity and inconvenience and therefore we have made available to Atref users an anonymous information center by phone: 03-5370569”.

Reinforcement of attention lines and emergency centers following the leaks

Following the leak of the details, the LGBT Association will open the “There is someone to talk to” attention line in an emergency format starting this evening. The line will operate during the week on Sundays-Thursdays between 17: 00-19: 00 and between 19: 30-22: 30 by phone: 2982 * and in the WhatsApp application at: 058-6205591.

Last night, the number of referrals to the LGBT community’s attention line doubled, with the vast majority of referrals dealing with information leaks. The association offers everyone who is interested to use the attention line and emphasizes that referrals to the line are anonymous and discreet.

In addition, discounted by the Minister of Welfare and Social Security Meir Cohen, To strengthen the hotline that responds to the needs and hardships of the LGBT community, as well as to issue guidelines for reinforcing and refining the responses of dedicated social workers in the welfare departments of the authorities. Sit, one for the general population and the other for the Arab population, in addition to addressing social workers in local authorities who care for this population.

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