Meta (Facebook) works on a smartwatch with a camera similar to Apple Watch

Logo of Meta, the parent company of Facebook – META

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, works on new hardware to make the metaverse a reality, such as virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses, and that would include a smart watch with a camera inserted into the screen.

This Thursday, the technology company has given more details of what it expects the metaverse to be, a long-term project that will create a social and economic ecosystem in a virtual environment, and for which it has announced the new hardware in which it works.

These novelties include Project Cambria, a mixed reality equipment that will show a high resolution image and that will stand out for being reproduced in the avatars eye contact and expressions in real time thanks to the sensors it integrates. Also Project Nazare, the first augmented reality glasses of the company.

As reported by Bloomberg, Meta also works in a smart watch with a built-in camera, and they have even shared an image, obtained from the application that allows to control the glasses that Meta launched in association with Ray-Ban.

This watch would have a design more similar to that of Apple Watch, with a square screen with rounded edges, in which a camera would be integrated into a small ‘notch’, to facilitate video calls. I would also use interchangeable straps.

It is not the first time that this watch has been heard. In February, The Information shared the tech company’s plans for commercialize in 2022 a watch with messaging functions, and monitoring of health and physical activity.

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