Director General of the LGBT Association on the intrusion into Atref: “We will not leave anyone alone”

Ran Shalhabi, CEO of the Association for the LGBT, spoke today (Sunday) with Anat Davidov on her program “Where’s the Money” on 103FM about the hacking of Iranian hackers into the Atref website and the leaking of the details of thousands of users, and called on community members who fear Established by the association: “This is a challenging time and the goal is to get through it together.”

Shelhabi said that “it is clear to us that this is sensitive information that has been leaked – we are doing our utmost to minimize damage. Or not, but there are all the government agencies in the picture that are working to minimize the damage as much as possible. ”

“In general, the association operates an attention line, and we increased the line yesterday to address members of the community – there is concern, but we are here, the proud community organizations here, and we will not leave anyone alone. This is a challenging time and the goal is to go through it together. The community is proud, but all the organizations together give their backs in order to give support to each and every one. ”

He concluded: “In general, when it comes to money, if you turn to a friend or community member for the purpose of paying, our recommendation is Contact the police immediately. We recommend that anyone who has been listed on Atref change their password and pay attention to any suspicious email that arrives. We do not have to deal with it alone, we are here to help. ”

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