The Israeli company Tarnica has developed a unique wearable device that may, according to a new study, help anyone who suffers from chronic migraines and has not found an effective solution so far. The study, published in the journal Pain Reports, showed that the unique device significantly reduced pain and symptoms in patients suffering from chronic migraines, after only two hours.

Nerivio is the device in question that has long received FDA approval for the use and treatment of elderly and adolescent patients (age 12 and older). It is a wearable device controlled by the smartphone, which sends gentle electrical waves to nerve fibers in the upper arm, using REN (Remote Electrical Neuromodulation) technology in order to activate modulation of conditioned pain (CPM) in the central nervous system to create pain masking (Conditioned Pain Modulation). Of analgesia where remote stimulation is conditioned triggers global analgesia in the body.

Conditional Pain Modulation (CPM) is a broad term that describes a variety of actions that the central nervous system can naturally perform in order to reduce pain. “Naribio is a device capable of activating this system through painless stimulation,” notes Ternica’s chief scientist, Dr. Liron Rabbani, who conducted the study. In addition, the app contains a migraine diary that can be shared with the medical staff. “

The study examined 99 patients suffering from chronic migraine between the ages of 18 and 75, and found that almost 60% of patients who completed the full period of use of the device in the study, experienced pain relief within two hours of starting treatment. 65% of patients who experienced relief two hours later reported sustained relief even the day after. In addition, more than 20% of patients did not experience headaches at all after two hours of starting treatment. Moreover, there is a marked improvement in other migraine symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, even within the two-hour range.

The patients who participated in the study did not use any contraceptives or were on a stable dose for at least two months before the trial and continued with the same protocol alongside the additional treatment. Participants were instructed to treat their migraine attacks within one hour of the onset of symptoms using the Nervio device, and to refrain from taking any medication for at least two hours after treatment. They were asked to report symptoms before treatment, two hours after treatment and 24 hours after. The study was conducted at nine centers in the U.S. for eight weeks. “To the best of our knowledge, this was the largest clinical trial of acute migraine treatment, specifically targeted at chronic migraine sufferers,” Rabbani said.

“Chronic migraine is characterized by recurring headaches, 15 days or more during the month,” said Dr. Brian Grossberg, director of the Hartford Healthcare Headache Center, who served as lead researcher in the study. Of migraine attacks, but these attacks tend to be more severe than people who experience episodic migraine for various reasons. Chronic people tend to use most medications, in order to stave off these headaches. “The challenge for doctors, then, is to relieve migraine symptoms without many medications that can lead to further complications. “Non-pharmacological interventions such as REN help meet this need by allowing for different treatment,” he added.

It is worth noting that Nrivio is a device with a high safety profile without side effects. Only one study participant reported a mild side effect after use, which disappeared as soon as after treatment. This study joins a number of previous studies that have already confirmed the efficacy and safety of treatment without pharmacological intervention in migraine in adults and adolescents.

“We are excited to continue our clinical development, and to continue to gather great evidence of the clinical benefit that REN treatments help alleviate migraines,” said Rabbani, who said earlier this month that Tarnica announced a new partnership with MC-Rx, a medical insurance services body for about 4.5 million Americans. , For the naribio device. She added that in a scientific survey that compared all the existing medical preparations for the treatment of migraine, Narivio was the most effective. “It is important that every patient have the option to choose non-pharmacological treatment as an initial treatment option or as an adjunct to migraine problems, in order to improve their quality of life.”

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