Senior in the cyber system: “Encountering objections to expanding the list of infrastructures”

Head of the Division for the Management of Cyber ​​Events in the National Cyber ​​System, Erez Tidhar, Spoke this morning (Sunday) with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM and referred to the recent cyber attacks on Israeli computer systems and said that “we warned the company about it, we got on the same loophole and there are unequivocal indications.”

He also referred to the attack against the systems of Hillel-Yaffe Hospital and said that “a hospital is not a critical state infrastructure, all banks and all storage and communications companies are not defined in the Critical State Infrastructure Law. The system seeks powers over three years to enter critical bodies such as hospitals and companies Storage and instructing them what to do. ”

He also noted that there is a government committee that defines membership as a “critical infrastructure” invention under the responsibility of the cyber system, but said: “Once we try to expand the list there are all sorts of objections. Most MKs agree but when it comes to voting things change.”

“If a body is set up whose whole purpose is defending Siberia, give us the tools to make an impact so that tomorrow there will be a cyber company, mine will have information before there is a problem. I enter the company and do not recommend but require ‘close the weakness,'” he added.

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