MADRID, 1 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) –

The Japanese Video Game Studio SEGA and Microsoft have announced a strategic alliance to explore new ways to develop large-scale titles using Microsoft Azure cloud platform tools.

The alliance between the two companies, announced this Monday as part of SEGA’s Super Games strategy, contemplates the creation of a “new generation development environment “of video games with online functions and that use the franchises of the Japanese studio, as SEGA has assured through a statement.

By using the Azure cloud platform, SEGA’s goal is “optimize development processes and continue to provide high-quality experiences for gamers “using Microsoft technologies.

The agreement between both companies contemplates “building new technological evolutions” focused on areas such as network infrastructure and communication tools for online services.

Additionally, the use of “a next-generation development platform,” as SEGA describes it, will allow the studio to adapt to telecommuting and possible future infrastructure changes.

“Together we will reimagine how games are created, hosted and operated, with the aim of adding more value to gamers and SEGA in equal parts, “said Sarah Bond, corporate vice president of Microsoft Corporation.

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