Microsoft buys Two Hat to improve its moderation tools on Xbox and Minecraft

Microsoft has acquired the Two Hat company, specialized in providing moderation solutions, to improve your fight harmful content online in gaming communities, including those of the Xbox or Minecraft consoles.

“This acquisition is an important evolution of the long-term relationship between Microsoft and Two Hat that will combine innovative technology, research capabilities, highly trained teams and the most complete cloud infrastructure,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft had been using Two Hat’s services for years for content moderation in their gaming communities, such as those of Xbox, Minecraft y MSN. With these proactive systems you are able to remove harmful content before it is published.

The American giant has highlighted that Two Hat offers a technology “highly configurable“and that with it users can decide what content they feel comfortable with and what they find inappropriate.

“This acquisition will further accelerate our content moderation solutions in our video games, within a wide range of Microsoft consumer services, and will create greater opportunity for our external partners and the use of these solutions by existing Two Hat customers, “said Microsoft.

The American company also is committed to respecting the privacy of users and to “protect the confidentiality of your data.”

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