The pulses affect blood flow in the patient’s area and thus help to restore intracellular and intercellular activity to reduce pain. The device was imported to Israel by Yaki Azaria, formerly the owner of the multidisciplinary medical center, before it was sold to Root Medical Services. The Pain Free device is found in Dr. Rafi Carreso’s clinic, in the Sharap Plus clinics chain, at the chairman of the Chinese Healing Association, Noam Ezra, and in the Alternative Clinics chain, along with other clinics around the country.

The company explained that the treatment of electromagnetic pulses is effective in patients suffering from, among other things, headaches and migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis or tendonitis, old age problems, herniated discs, disc herniation, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain – including frozen shoulder, sports injuries, cartilage erosion And pain after orthopedic surgery.

They added that the good news in treating electromagnetic pulses using PEMF, a device similar to an MRI machine, is that by activating an electromagnetic field at a constant frequency the activity of the electric charge of the damaged cells can be regulated.

Recently, two studies have come out advocating the importance of treatments. The first study is based on an experiment conducted at Oxford University and showed that as a concomitant treatment for knee osteoarthritis, the treatment had a beneficial effect on pain, stiffness and physical function, in patients with cartilage erosion.

The Cochrane Library, known for its medical research, has published experimental results showing that PEMF treatment has a beneficial effect on pain, stiffness, and physical function in patients with cartilage erosion.

Noam Ezra, chairman of the Association of Traditional Chinese Healing, emphasizes the fact that the use of electromagnetic pulses affects and is influenced by Chinese acupuncture.

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