The Pokémon UNITE team fighting game will arrive in July on Switch and in September on smartphones

The team combat game Pokémon UNITE will come out in July 2021 on the Nintendo Switch console and in September in ‘smartphones’, you will have an ‘online’ connection multi platform and it will be a video game of free download.

The Pokémon Company has indicated this Thursday with the developer of the title, TiMi Studio Group, that Pokémon UNITE will have optional payment elements. In addition, Pokémon Official released a trailer with new scenes from Pokémon UNITE.

The video game consists of the holding battles (Unite Battles) on an island in an unexplored part of the ocean, Aeos Island, where two teams of five players, each one of them embodying a pokémon trainer, they try to get as many points as possible by defeating the other pokémon combined.

Players earn these points thanks to the Collecting ‘Aeos Energy’ after defeating Pokémon from the other team and wild Pokémon, which should place in the ‘goal zones’ (bases) of the rivals. The duration of the fights, the number of components and the legendary pokémon are variable.

The pokémon start with level one in each encounter, and they go up as they get experience points to learn new movements and evolve. Players can play in qualifying matches where they start with the rank of Beginner (Beginner Cup) and can go up to the rank of Master (Master Cup).

When a trainer gets his pokémon to the highest levels, the pokémon can perform a Unite move (Unite Move) in the Unite Battles, a move that the company defines as “especially powerful” and that serves as an advantage.

To be able to fight with a Pokémon you must acquire its Unite license, which is achieved by exchanging Aeos coins earned in the Unite Battles of the Unite Battle Committee.

At the level of personalization, go eTrainers can change their clothes and accessories, and the pokémon can wear holosuits based on Aeos energy. In addition, it is possible to take a Unite photo to visualize the avatar of the player and his pokémon and, before the combats, the expression and pose of the character will be seen, which are also customizable, and stickers can be added.

In games, each Pokémon has different characteristics and occupies a role according to his fighting style: Attacker (offensive), Defender (defensive), Speedster (agile), Supporter (auxiliary) and All-Rounder (balanced).

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