The hacker group Black Shadow, Which apparently operates on behalf of the Iranian government, and is responsible for the cyber attack on the insurance company Shirbit last December, claims that today (Tuesday) it leaked the database to the dating site for the proud community “Atref”. This, after she managed to break into the database of Cyberserve, a company for building and hosting websites.

The hackers posted correspondence on their telegram account in which negotiations with the Cyberserve company were allegedly conducted, at the end of which they claimed that they had leaked the information of the Israeli users of the website in question. In response, Cyberserb said: “The attackers have now posted correspondence of negotiations on the telegram. “This is not a negotiation with a cyberserv company or a representative on its behalf. The company has not conducted or is conducting negotiations with the attackers.”

The alleged leak took place at the end of the validity of the ultimatum issued by the hackers, according to which if they do not receive a million dollars in digital coins within 48 hours, they will leak the information or publish it. In addition, in a statement posted on their telegram channel, the hackers claimed that they had not yet received an official request from the Israeli government or sources from the hacked Cyberserve company.

“Obviously this is not an important issue for them,” they said. “We know everyone is worried about Atref’s database, and we’re asking for money. The person who was on the site. “

The information disseminated includes user records, including email addresses, nicknames, and a comment field that contained many personal details (such as a reference to whether the site subscriber was HIV-positive).

Cyberserve said that “this is a planned and targeted Iranian attack on the citizens of Israel and the proud community. We have warned the authorities in the State of Israel of the hackers’ intention to publish the records, and demanded the immediate removal of the telegram accounts. We continue to cooperate with The need to thwart the publications. We ask surfers and the media to do everything possible to prevent the publication of details and personal materials, as well as to report any suspicious inquiries to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The company has not conducted or is negotiating with the Iranian attack group. The company takes all necessary actions to reduce the damage and end the incident. We are aware of the concerns of the surfers of the Atref website and we have provided them with an information center to answer questions. “

Meanwhile, the cyber department of the State Attorney’s Office said it had blocked two channels of the group, in which personal information obtained through hacking of databases was disseminated. The director of the cyber department at the State Attorney’s Office, Dr. Chaim Wismonski, stated that the department will continue to work to reduce and disrupt the activities of cybercriminals in order, among other things, to protect the privacy and security of the state’s citizens in the Internet space.

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