The Ministry of Justice’s Privacy Protection Authority announced today (Thursday) the opening of an investigation against the owner of the website from the Atref website, a dating site of the LGBT community. The site is back on the air and will not allow it to be uploaded until further notice.

In addition, they require the company to personally notify anyone about whom information has been leaked or there is a possibility that it has been leaked, what data has been leaked and what actions are recommended on its part, in order to allow the injured public to take appropriate precautions and reduce the damage to privacy. The PA warned that any use of information leaked from one site or another, without the consent of the information subject – is a criminal offense – and noted that they are working to reduce harm to the public, and cooperate with the National Cyber ​​Network and the State Attorney’s Office.

The Ministry of Justice explained that the very downloading and use of a file published by the attackers on the Internet constitutes a use of knowledge of the private affairs of a person not for the purpose for which it was given, and as such can amount to a criminal offense punishable by five years imprisonment.

The court issued an order directing the removal of the information leaked by the hackers

“As warned by the Authority in the past, serious information security incidents and database leaks, both by criminals and on security grounds, are a global epidemic and are expected to continue and even intensify. “According to the Privacy Protection Authority, there are many bodies in the economy that hold sensitive information and do not secure it properly. Any body that holds sensitive information must act immediately to increase the level of security and prepare for the possibility that it will also be attacked by a hostile entity.” dear””.

They later emphasized and called for the urgent promotion of the amendments to the legislation formulated on the subject, including the granting of significant administrative enforcement powers to the Privacy Protection Authority, as is customary in the world. According to them, this is necessary for the protection of the public, prevention of future leak events, as well as for creating deterrence among website owners, databases and applications that hold sensitive information to ensure compliance with information security requirements as required by law, and not neglect to protect public information.

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