The hackers posted details of over half a million who booked plane tickets

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court today (Thursday) issued a reserved order for the removal of any personal information leaked from the Cyberserve web hosting company’s servers, including personal databases of the websites of Atref, Moore Institute, Pegasus. In addition, Internet access providers will be required to block access to any website that contains the leaked personal information, and search engines will be required to filter search results that lead to the leaked information.

The State Attorney’s Office said that at this point, Internet access providers have begun blocking access to sites where personal information is distributed. It was further reported that they have now begun distributing the order to all relevant parties, for the form of its implementation.

Earlier today, the group of hackers Black Shadow released a file that includes the details of more than half a million Israelis who booked a flight through an agency called tripguaranty. The information includes personal details such as full name and IDs, but does not include credit information. Later, a lot of information was published about about 350,000 flights that were made, without specifying the personal details of passengers. Also published by Tacy members.

Checkpoint noted: “We believe that such large-scale files will form the basis for further attacks on the people whose details have been disclosed – either by exploiting the information contained therein for extortion or by using details to create credibility of a referral by the attackers.”

The information is published about 12 hours after the details of about 290,000 patients at the Moore Institute were published. Among the details that appear in the group’s publication, you can find a lot of medical information – including blood tests and information about treatments that patients have undergone.

Among the information leaked are various medical details of the patients, such as requests for blood tests, information on treatments and CT scans, appointments for various doctors, ultrasound and colonoscopy tests and more.

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