The 17th edition of Ekoparty, the biggest event of the hacking community of Latin America, has just started in Argentina. Until November 6, more than 150 speakers and more than 160 talks they will animate the popular event that returns with a semi-face-to-face modality. And, as in every year, the traditional journey in search of insecure WIFI networks also returns

Although most of the event will be virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however this year they are contemplated some face-to-face activities. Among the most anticipated is the Wardriving which will take place on Thursday 4 and Saturday 6 November at 4:00 p.m. both days.

During the challenge, participants will tour the City of Buenos Aires by bus looking for insecure WIFI networks, and then identify them geographically on a map along with their security level.

In previous editions, the winner broke 50,000 networks, generating awareness about the exposed that we can get to be using factory settings in our routers.

Ekoparty is also a traditional IT professionals recruitment space: Through EkoDating, dynamic interviews are carried out where companies can find their next talents in cybersecurity, a position that is increasingly required both locally and internationally.

Ekoparty 2021. The 17th edition recovers part of the presence that was lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The online format it worked perfectly in 2020 and that is why we bet again on this modality. However, being able to return to the presence with certain activities fills us with joy and allows us to connect in another way with those who participate, and at the same time allows them to have an unforgettable live experience “, said Leonardo Pigñer, CEO of Ekoparty.

In addition to talks by national and international speakers on the main stage, the conference has each year with various collaborative spaces that bring together communities interested in different areas of security.

This year the following spaces will be present for enthusiasts and professionals from the world of information technology (IT):

Avoiding Jail: proposes promoting open knowledge and collaboration to combat informality when providing hacking services, as well as spreading legal limits.

Blue Space: space dedicated to defensive security, promoting the practice and knowledge of Blue Teaming techniques. The activities are organized around topics such as: Advanced Threat Intelligence, Malware Analysis, Threat Detection and Triage, Threat Hunting, Incident Response, Blue & Purple Teaming, Digital Forensics, Threat Modeling, Operating System Hardening, Data Analysis, Security Information & Event Management, Threat Mitigation.

Bounty Hunters: Talks will be given on methodology, recommended platforms, and tips to get started in this activity and choose a program to start looking for bugs.

CyberFinance: Banco Galicia, partner of the event, will seek to share knowledge and promote cybersecurity culture related to crypto-economy, blockchain, fraud and cyber-agility, among others.

DevSecOps– Sharing security best practices and recommendations for the entire application lifecycle, including technologies around cloud providers and services.

Hardware Hacking: led by the team, this space will bring together the community interested in hacking physical devices such as memories, processors and other types of integrated circuits.

Tickets to follow Ekoparty 2021 can be purchased on the official site

Tickets to follow Ekoparty 2021 can be purchased on the official site

Mobile Hacking: the meeting point for developers of mobile apps, pentesters, and security researchers can discuss and learn more about mobile environments. Talks, challenges and workshops revolve around mobile application security and good practices according to OWASP TOP TEN, MSTG, MASVS.

Patagon Space: space to exchange knowledge of aerospace issues, create and materialize projects, as well as meet referents who make it possible every day to amaze us with the universe.

Radio experimentation– The place to learn and experience attacks and fun experiments using radio signals.

Social Engineering: will share techniques, methodologies and tools focused on Social Engineering and OSINT. Social Engineering goes far beyond phishing and telephone deception, being able to use different types of disciplines such as Neuroscience, Psychology, Non-Verbal Communication, Negotiation, Magic and Illusionism, among others.

Zona Red Team: activities related to the world of the Red Team to test the detection and response capabilities of organizations. They will test the digital presence of companies and response to threats by Blue Teams.

OT/IIOT/IOT: Information on security will be shared in industrial environments and those where IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are implemented. There will be technical talks at all levels, conceptual talks, a panel discussion related to the electricity sector and a workshop to analyze related devices.

“Our main objective when organizing Ekoparty is that all its activities and talks are suitable for all levels, not just for experts. We seek to build a future with security and for that we need people who are trained in the subject, because security is not a tool, but a culture ”, commented Federico Kirschbaum, Co founder of Ekoparty.

What left the beginning of Ekoparty

During the first day, which took place on Tuesday, cybersecurity experts spoke about their latest findings, specialties and new projects with which they continue to innovate every day.

Ekoparty 2021 brings together more than 150 speakers and more than 160 talks.

Ekoparty 2021 brings together more than 150 speakers and more than 160 talks.

Carlos Benitez and Luciano Bello, in their talk “The Silent Partners”, they took up the introduction to quantum computing given in the previous edition of the conference and continued explaining the smartest ways to factor large numbers through formulas such as Quantum Fourier Transform (QFT), a key component of the Shor algorithm.

Martin Doyhenard explained the techniques of Response smuggling, a very simple method of exploiting HTTP synchronization vulnerabilities, which allows you to gain full access to an application.

A little later, Maggie Jauregui He provided a series of reflections on his experience in the hacker industry and tips for all those who want to enter that world. This talk was especially acclaimed by people who are taking their first steps in the infosec community.

To close the day, Carlos M. Gaona and Claudio Rosa, commented on their new project “Denis”, born from their work in Mercado Libre, through which they managed to automate security actionable in more than 500 cloud accounts and more than a hundred thousand instances. This allowed them to overcome the challenge of maintaining security standards throughout their regional network.

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