The electricity industry in Israel warns of a huge amount of electricity that will cause air pollution and harm to the environment due to the establishment of new data centers in the country.

Following the state’s decision to transfer the government data to the cloud, technology companies, such as Google and Amazon, are currently setting up new data centers in the country for the purpose of storing information.

Experts in the field of energy management, including the international company Eaton and Zoko Energy, warn that the more data centers are restored, the greater the demand for electricity.
“Even today, the electricity grid is busy at certain times, close to the limit of capacity,” notes Ofir Goren, CEO of the international energy management company Eaton.

“The new data centers that will be restored will require the preparation of new infrastructure, mainly green energy. In addition to these loads, the increasing load of electric cars must be noted, which is increasing every year. The state must prepare with alternative energy sources so they can serve the centers .

Yossi Azaria, CEO of Zoko Energy, the global energy franchisee in Israel of the global Caterpillar company, adds that energy management requires infrastructure preparation that includes energy decentralization, smart autonomous electrical systems (micro-grid) that can provide energy independence for emergencies as well as efficient supply and delivery , Downloading loads from the transmission network and the ability for smart routing between available energies while combining the use of solar energy, storage and natural gas.

“The coming years are expected to be peak years in the demand for electricity in the State of Israel. The loads on the transmission network will be enormous and this may lead to many malfunctions, as can be seen in various parts of the world today. “, Says Azaria.

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