The Israeli company Helios, which operates with the support of the Israeli Space Agency, has signed a special agreement with the German company OHB to conduct an experiment in the production of oxygen on the lunar soil. This will be possible thanks to the special technology developed by Helios, in which oxygen and metal can be produced from the moon dance and other planets. The goal of the project is to overcome one of the significant challenges in having future extraterrestrial colonies.

As mentioned, the OHB spacecraft is being built together with the Israel Aerospace Industries, based on the experience gained in the Genesis project, and is planned to perform a series of experiments and fly unique cargo to the moon for the European Space Agency and companies in Europe and around the world.

“We are currently developing two technological systems – the first actually produces oxygen on the moon,” said Jonathan Geifman, CEO of Helios. “Oxygen makes up about 70% of the total weight of rockets, so this is the substance that is needed most in missions of this type.”

According to him, the production of oxygen on the moon is a very critical ability so that future tasks for the moon will be possible and not too expensive to perform. “We take the sand and stones that are on the moon – and turn them into oxygen,” he explained.

Geifman talked about the second system that the company is developing these days, a technology that was born out of research on the creation of oxygen on the moon. “This is a technology that enables the production of steel in a cheaper and more energy-efficient way, and without causing the creation of greenhouse gases.

“The steel industry accounts for about 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions today,” he emphasizes, “and going beyond steel production in the way we present helps the environment significantly, almost like a situation where all cars in the world would become electric. This is a technological breakthrough in development”.

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