how to schedule message sending on iPhone and Android

What’s new in WhatsApp They do not stop arriving on cell phones, such as the possibility of programming predesigned messages. The anniversaries, reminders and other events as birthdays sometimes need a more special message and forgetful people often need an extra tool.

The new version of Appe’s iOS 15 operating system continues with the aesthetics of the previous ones. However, it has new notifications and certain redesigns (in the music widget, Safari and some other interfaces). Although more than the system itself, the new updates and innovations announced focused on the applications of Apple como Messages, FaceTime o Maps.

With these improvements, for example, you can schedule a WhatsApp message to be sent specifically to a person and even a group, at a certain time, being able to choose the day or days of the week.

How to schedule messages on iOS

In principle, Apple smartphones compatible with the iOS 15 operating system do not need external applications to program WhatsApp messages. The list goes from the iPhone SE (2016) to the latest iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max,  iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 y iPhone 13 mini. Even iPod Touch (7th generation) appears.

Once the device is updated, all you have to do is complete the setup for shipping automatic messages.

The iOS 15 software allows you to create “Shortcuts” for sending scheduled WhatsApp messages.

From the “Shortcuts” application, you have to enter the “Automation” section and click on the “+” located at the top of the right.

Then you must click on the option “Create personal automation”. You can choose between the first option “Time of day” or “Time of day” -depending on the iPhone model you have, the name of the option will vary.

How to schedule messages on Android

In the case of the Android operating system, developed by Google, there are apps available for scheduling messages.

One of the best known is Seebye Scheduler, this app is downloaded from the Play Store and allows you to schedule WhatsApp messages at any time and on any date. In order for this application to access the instant messaging service, it is also necessary to download the Messenger API application.

‘Scheluder’ allows you to schedule messages to be sent by WhatsApp at a selected time and date (Play Store)

When both applications are installed on the phone, you have to access the settings and give Messenger API the permission to enter WhatsApp, like this, once opened Seebye Scheduler, by clicking on the “+” symbol a message can be programmed for any desired date and time.

This application allows organize messages programmed by a title and, in addition, there is the possibility of writing the greeting in question or sending an image.

The message prepared to send too can be undone and even scheduled to be repeated at different time intervals: every minute, per day, per month or even annually. Of course, if the phone is off, the message will not be sent, it is necessary that -in fact- the screen is unlocked.

SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls is another free and easy-to-use application for scheduling text messages (SMS), sending emails automatically, scheduling posts for Facebook, scheduling whatsapp messages and even setting call notifications.

Among the rest of the apps that may well fulfill this function is Wasavi, also free and available for Android.

Once installed on the cell phone, you will have to give it access to the requested permissions, add the phone number associated with your WhatsApp account and write the message. To complete the process, all you have to do is select the specific contact and give it a specific time for the shipment to take place.

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