WhatsApp allows you to use its web version with the mobile off

Multidipositive on WhatsApp – WHATSAPP

The instant messaging application WhatsApp has activated a function with an open beta that allows receive and send messages from your web extension without the need for the mobile phone to be switched on or connected to a wireless network.

The platform has extended the multi-device option to all users through the ‘Linked Devices’ option, which offers the beta version for various devices (a total of four, mobile apart) without having to remain connected to the Internet or have the mobile on.

As Europa Press has been able to verify, this service allows you to continue chatting if the ‘smartphone’ remains no battery or no WiFi network in optimal conditions. Once this version has been activated, the user must scan the QR code from an external device to launch the WhatsApp application on it.

When launching this version test from the tablet or computer, the word ‘beta’ automatically appears at the top of the web page, next to the profile photo.

As indicated by WhatsApp, there are some limitations, since the ‘app’ reports that the performance and quality can be affected. In addition, you cannot make calls or send messages from the web, Desktop or Portal to users who do not have an updated version of this service on their mobile.

This multi-device feature is available on both iOS and Android and ensures synchronization between the devices that have the application open, so that if several messages are received on the tablet, they will also appear on the computer as long as the WhatsApp Web application is open and you have a good connection.

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