How to prepare an ‘online’ store for Black Friday

Online stores are preparing to get the most out of what is known as Black Friday or Black Friday, a annual appointment of offers and discounts which marks the beginning of the Christmas campaign, with the aim of improving the operation of your electronic commerce in those days.

Black Friday is celebrated the last friday in november (this year, on the 26th) and, as every year, it will fill the shop windows with offers and discounts, both physical and virtual stores, which have “grown exponentially” since the beginning of the pandemic, as there are more and more businesses traditional companies that choose to go digital while businesses that are born exclusively online grow.

This is indicated by the person in charge of eCommerce solutions at Arsys, Alberto Blanch. “The truth is that If your business has an online showcase, you have an excellent opportunity around this famous Black Friday“, affirms the manager.

In order to get the most out of this appointment, Arsys advises businesses ‘online’ recover the work done last Black Friday, for example, the ‘landing page’ that was designed last year to concentrate a selection of promotions to be offered to customers.

In this way, they point out that time is saved that can be spent on other tasks, and you avoid having to start from scratch in terms of search engine positioning, which helps to have better results in organic disclosure. And they emphasize that you have to include the keywords that are related to the theme of the business and the term Black Friday.

Another good idea may be to incorporate a “Black Friday product”, as they say from Arsys, that is, a exclusive product that is not part of the usual catalog of the trade and that can only be bought during the campaign.

On the other hand, use the Black Friday label to camouflaging a regular price or ridiculous discounts can backfire, since buyers are going to detect it quickly. For this reason, the company emphasizes that if discounts are to be offered, they must be real.

However, Blanch clarifies that “not all stores are obliged to bet on a strategy of great discounts” and recalls that “Black Friday is not mandatory.”

Digital businesses can rely on ’email’ marketing to communicate their participation in Black Friday to their customer list. According to Arsys, an original message can generate expectation, but to maximize the conversion of the messages, it is advisable to choose a good subject and a shipping schedule of the campaign suitable for users according to the type of product being sold.

Plugins can also be an ally for online commerce. There are plugins that facilitate management and disclosure of offertas de Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and similar events, as well as discount percentages (fixed or by products), time limitations and time frames, order limits, free shipping and other possibilities.

The Black Friday campaign can make traffic increases to the online commerce website, with a increased demand and sales peaks. To avoid platform availability problems, from Arsys they urge you to contact the hosting provider (‘hosting’) so that they can advise on the best way to deal with these dates.

Nor should we forget the operation of trade through mobile devices, since they are the main means of access to the Internet. In this case, performance can be improved using WPO (Web Performance Optimization) techniques, simplifying the sales process and creating a system for the recovery of abandoned carts.

And by increasing the number of transactions, also inquiries from potential buyers increase. From Arsys they point out that you should not neglect emails or social networks or any other channel that the business has for customer service: telephone, chat, WhatsApp.

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