Lotem Finkelstein, director of the cyber intelligence department at Check Point, addressed an interview with Anat Davidov today on the program “Where is the money?” To the cyber attack of the Moses Staff group, which took place over the weekend. Finkelstein explained the attack and said that “they attacked and stole information from a number of Israeli companies in recent weeks. Yesterday we became aware of three other companies that were attacked.”

According to Finkelstein, “they claim to have attacked companies, whether law firms or accounting firms, but also the Ministry of Defense, Bnei Gantz and the Israel Post. They claim to have sensitive information in their hands. They even tried to pass some of the information to cyber network influencers to Let them verify that they did break out. “

Finkelstein referred to the language in the current attack on Black Shadow’s cyber attacks: “They do not demand money. They are just blackmailing and threatening to spread sensitive information. This raises the question of what their motivation is because it is certainly not economic. We see them as an ideological group. “Although they attack small companies, they also target high-profile targets in order to create a sense of terror here.”

Finkelshtein added: “They attack a company, leak sensitive information without it noticing for a period of time and then pop up a message that they have been attacked. They refer the company to their ‘telegram’ channel and there that company will find some of the information they hold online. Slowly they leak all Time after time, sample after sample of the stolen information. “

“We are involved in the investigation and we may have found a way to help the victims release the encrypted information. It is still something initial, but if there are victims who want help feel free to contact us and we will try to help get them out of trouble,” Finkelstein said at the end.

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