Wix, which offers a leading platform for building websites and tools for managing the online business, has announced Wix Fit – a comprehensive solution for managing and growing businesses in the fitness field.

The platform, built specifically for personal trainers, studios, fitness clubs and chains, includes all the elements needed to grow a business quickly and efficiently – under one roof. The company said the platform includes a wide range of tools that help fitness businesses manage and grow their business, as well as generate interactions with trainees, motivation and perseverance.

The platform includes, among other things, the ability to manage a set of lessons and coaches’ schedules from a single control panel, sign up for classes and receive payments through Wix Payments and other providers. To enable customers to exercise from anywhere, the platform also enables online fitness challenges, online classes and the sale or rental of videos.

In addition, it allows businesses to generate more revenue with an online store that includes a delivery option, as well as grow the business using the tools of Ascend by Wix, a complete marketing package that includes email marketing, marketing automation, video creation tools, advanced SEO, creating and managing social media campaigns And more. Wix Fit also offers the ability to build communities around a shared fitness area through Wix Groups and Wix Forums, share content through the Wix Blog, manage customer relationships and view detailed business performance reports.

The company emphasizes that the mobile is a significant tool for creating involvement and perseverance among trainees. According to Wix data, the traffic of 74% of Wix Fit customers comes from mobile browsing. Therefore, Wix has also launched a dedicated mobile app for customers in the field called Fit By Wix.

“Running a business in the fitness industry is a dynamic and constantly evolving thing. We are proud to provide businesses in the field with a comprehensive solution for managing and growing their brand,” said Sarig Reichert, CEO of Wix Fit & Bookings. ‚ÄúToday, fitness businesses need to have the option to re-navigate their operations at all times, and the industry is increasingly relying on hybrid approaches.

“Wix Fit was developed with professional trainers and studio owners in order to meet their needs and requirements and provide them with the opportunity to maximize their online and mobile presence, generate virtual engagement with customers and propel the physical business to future market directions.”

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