The kids in focus: Netflix is launching videos

Kids Clips, a new feature that will first be available in the iPhone-only app, is designed to guide children and teenagers to relevant content in the massive giant’s database of movies and programs.
Parents are asked to keep a watch on their children.

Netflix is introducing a new feature in its app: short ticketing-style videos that will assist youngsters and teens find stuff that they might be interested in.
According to a Bloomberg story, the function is dubbed Kids Clips and will initially only be available in the service’s iPhone app.

This feature integrates with Netflix’s broader attempt to help users reach content they may like. The streaming giant’s content catalog is large, and it’s very easy to miss content.

The Netflix experience, which is adapted for series binges, is also not necessarily suitable for an older audience that is still accustomed to the linear TV format, so last year the company launched the “watch something” feature, which chooses content to watch randomly. The use of the ticketing or YouTube-style format, on the other hand, is clearly intended for the younger generation, who are accustomed to this type of content.

In society, these traits are treated as an experiment or test. Earlier versions of the app included an attempt to add comedy videos under the nickname Fast Laughs and a rating system that should help users choose their appropriate content based on its popularity.

The content on Netflix’s new “Kids Channel” will be displayed horizontally rather than vertically as in Tiktok. In addition, children will not be able to watch more than 20 videos in a row. The feature will initially be available to users in the US, Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, Canada, Ireland and Australia.

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