Director of the US Space Agency (NASA) Bill Nelson Announced tonight (Wednesday) a postponement of the execution of the Artemis project, the astronauts’ planned launch to the moon. He announced during a conversation with reporters that the date in question will be postponed by a year, and the planned flight will go into operation (hopefully) in 2025, a year after the date set by former President Donald Trump.

“We estimate that Artemis 3, the first lander since the 1970s to reach the moon carrying humans will not reach the moon before 2025,” he explained, noting that the lawsuit in the lawsuit filed by billionaire Blue Origin Jeff Bezos Against the US administration’s decision to sign a $ 2.9 billion contract with billionaire SpaceX Elon Musk, Is one of the reasons for the delay. During the seven months of the hearing, the agency was unable to work with Spice X on the project.

As mentioned, the Artemis program includes three missions, with the third – the manned landing on the moon – first planned for about seven years after outgoing President Donald Trump signed an order instructing the US space agency to return to the moon. Officials at NASA and other space agencies around the world have repeatedly stated that the moon is a necessary step in the future arrival on Mars, as it could be a springboard for the long haul.

The names of the astronauts nominated for the program, nine women and nine men, two of whom (a man and a woman) are expected to join the special group of humans who were privileged to step on the moon – which includes 18 people. As mentioned, among the names mentioned can be found the astronaut Christina Koch, who broke the record for being a woman in space, and her Jewish astronaut girlfriend Jessica Meir.

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