The queue at the launch of the iPhone 14 says it all: the craze from Apple is here to stay

As every year, the iDigital chain holds the official launch event of the new iPhone at the “White Night” event. Last night (Wednesday) the launch of the iPhone 14 took place at the Sharona Tel Aviv branch, and starting at noon, loyal customers began to take their place in the ever-longer line for the start of the sale at midnight.

Although most of those standing in line arrived in the evening before the opening of the event, a few came especially early and made sure to be the first to get their hands on the new cell phone model from Apple. Amit Kiani and Daniel Katanov, avid apologists who came to the launch event for the fifth time in a row, waited for no less than nine hours (!) without moving from the line at all.

The queue at the iPhone 14 launch event at iDigital (Photo: Yanir Brett)

“We’ve been in line since 15:00 and the stock of the iPhone is limited, if we don’t get there first there won’t be any left of the iPhone 14 for a long time, it could even be another two months,” argued Amit Kiani, “the new model has the most powerful processor on the market, a bright screen and a few other features “Apple rims that make it easier to use. We brought water and ordered food with a courier who came right up to us in line.”

Niv Levy, another loyal customer, also waited in line since the afternoon, and claimed that it was precisely the experience at the launch that involved the huge wait that brought him back again. “It’s really fun here, a few connections and familiar faces were made from the event last year and I’m also renewing myself with the iPhone 14 from the first moment. If I wait another week or month to buy the iPhone, I won’t have the whole experience with the people, and it’s not certain that the device will remain in the stores.”

Ayelet Zarfati-Rosen, CEO of iDigital Israel, explained the meaning of the event and the enthusiasm of the loyal customers. “The Appleists are always here and it’s a huge celebration, of course everyone’s goal is to be the first to come out with the new iPhone,” she said, “We have 70% more confirmations of arrival to purchase the iPhone at the launch event than last year and a 55% increase in advance purchase orders for the device throughout the country. I must say that we were surprised by the increase in demand for the iPhone 14, it may be the joy of getting out of the corona, last year the queue was much smaller.”

In the meantime, Pelephone also held its son’s night event in Eilat, where the devices were sold without VAT and record demand was recorded for all models. Some customers said that they came to Eilat specifically to buy a device at a cheaper price, including from Ashdod, Ashkelon and even Tel Aviv.

By Editor