Bungie Receives Piracy Countersuit From Destiny 2 Cheat Developers

Bungie Development Studio A cheat software seller has accused him of hacking into one of his computers, where he would have been able to access a number of documents without their consent to broaden his surveillance of them.

Last year, Bungie filed a lawsuit against the website AimJunkies.com and its owner, Phoenix Digital Group, alleging trademark and copyright infringement for developing and disseminating “software” that enables cheating in Destiny 2.

Since then, the legal dispute has persisted with a unique twist: AimJunkies has accused Bungie of “hacking” their systems, obtaining documents illegally, and evading the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a US law that forbids the creation and distribution of tools that enable circumvention of “copyright” protection measures.

This counterclaim, according to TorrentFreak, is based on the details Bungie gave to support its copyright infringement allegation, including a number of individuals who would have been crucial to the creation of the cheat program.

From AimJunkies and Phoenix Digital Group, Bungie is also charged of breaking the DMCA. This happens as a result of the Destiny 2 studio’s ability to access a computer if it discovers cheating. Since this study uses an older one that would be illegal, the Bungie program is not as much of a focus in the counterclaim as is its version.

Specifically, Bungie would have regularly entered a Phoenix Digital Group employee’s computer using this malware between 2019 and 2021 with the intention of monitoring and gathering information about what from this other component they understand as piracy.

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