A bug in Twitter prevents the closure of all accounts started on Android and iOS after resetting the password

Twitter has recognized a bug in the system that allows you to reset passwords in the social network, which has affected users who had their account open on multiple devices, who have had their session terminated as a security measure.

The technology company made a change to the password reset system last year, which introduced a bug that has prevented users who had their account open on multiple devices log out of them after a voluntary reset.

This situation means that in the event that the user has decided to change their password on one device, if they had the session open on others as well, said session could have remained open, as the platform has acknowledged in a publication on your blog.

Although it indicates that this fault has not affected sessions started on the web which were closed “properly”, as a security measure the company has decided to close all the active sessions that it has detected affected by the problem, mainly on Android and iOS.

This action means that affected users will see that they are logged out on all devices they were logged in on, and that they will have to start it again.

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