Following Samsung?  The crazy change that Apple is planning in the iPhone

Apple has registered a new patent, for an axis that can fit any device of the company – which comes with an axis that requires folding. The data show that this is a new and not awkward axis. As stated, the document does not mention the phrase – a folding iPhone, but it can be estimated that if one is launched – it will most likely include the axis in question.

“A device may have a flexible layer, such as a flexible display that overlaps the axis,” the patent states, “an electronic device may have one or more axes.” Include fiber reinforced structures. “They stressed that these are complex doses of carbon fiber, alongside other complex fiber structures.” The use may help reduce the volume of the hinges, while improving performance. The goal is to produce a less swollen, and more durable hinge, “it added.

It has often been reported that Apple is expected to launch its first folding device in the coming years, with the latest target being 2023. We emphasize that even in this case – it is only a rumor, and the fact that Apple has registered such a patent – does not necessarily mean It is currently controlled by Samsung.

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