Ukraine again seized valuable Russian electronic warfare equipment – the reconnaissance vehicle R-381T2M remained in Haavi

The Ukrainian defense forces have again taken possession of valuable Russian elso equipment, reports The Drive.

This time it is apparently an R-381T2M vehicle found in the Kharkiv area, which is part of a larger R-381TM Taran-M signal intelligence system.

According to open source intelligence cited by The Drive, it is a modernized system from the Cold War-era R-381T Taran complex.

The original Taran includes seven vehicles. The system listens to radio broadcasts in the 1.5-100 MHz frequency range. In addition, Taran monitors aviation radio traffic in the 100-400 MHz band and radio transmission links in the 300-1000 MHz range. The system has a range of approximately 25 miles on the ground and 60 miles when monitoring aviation radios.

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