Tile bets on stickers with QR to locate lost objects

Tile has expanded its catalog of item locators with some new labels ‘Lost and Found’, which can be stuck on any surface so that in case of loss it can show the owner’s contact information by means of a QR code.

The labels are stickers with a unique QR printed on them that show a personalized message with the information of the owner of the lost object when they are scanned, to facilitate their return.

Unlike other locators, they do not have Bluetooth or GPS connectivity, that is, they do not allow monitoring. Its use is limited to objects with “smooth and dry” surfaces, which allow good adhesion, and through the Tile application you can configure the information that they show to the person who finds them.

These locator stickers are sold in packs of three label sheets, each sheet containing five QR code stickers, and are priced at $14.99. Tile claims they are dishwasher safe and scratch resistant.

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