Twitter creates a team dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Twitter prepare a new team focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with which he hopes to advance decentralized technologies that allow creators to manage their virtual assets and introduce new ways of understanding community, identity and property.

Twitter’s New Crypto Team Will Work together with the decentralized social network project Bluesky, which is inspired by bitcoin and what this cryptocurrency means: a technology that is not controlled or influenced by a single individual or entity, also based on transparency and responsibility, and of which Twitter will be a client.

In addition to helping shape this project, you will delve into the idea that cryptocurrencies can help push the boundaries of what is possible with concepts like identity, community, and ownership.

Currently, Twitter already allows direct payments to creators with bitcoin and is working on a new section in the user’s profile where they can show their works NFT (acronym for non-fungible token). In addition, the company will also think about how it can help the community of creators to manage your assets and digital currencies with decentralized applications.

Twitter Crypto will support all of this work and serve as a ‘center of excellence’ for everything related to ‘blockchain’ on Twitter“, has stated Tess Rinearson, the ‘software’ engineer who will lead this new work team, as confirmed through the social network.

The new directive has informed that this equipment will be like crypto technology, “distributed and cross-cultural “. And that among his concerns is the relationship of this technology with the environment, while claiming to have dedicated the last two years to work on consensus algorithms – a mechanism within a blockchain network that establishes an agreement on a registry, this being the valid agreement for all nodes – energy efficient.

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