Instagram and another change in videos and stories to compete with TikTok: what is it about

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network will no longer split stories up to a minute into 15-second clips.

Today the success of a platform is in the way it presents the videos. Since demand is dynamic, there are new metrics and updates all the time. Now, Instagram, to catch up with its greatest rival, allows the upload of stories of up to one minute without interruption.

For several months, TikTok enabled videos of up to 3 minutes, thus increasing the exposure time by 300% and adding a slider at the bottom to be able to advance and delay them when the wait becomes too long.

Now it is Instagram that multiplies its times by 4, although its starting point was much lower. Instagram stories already support recordings of up to a minute in length.

The Meta-owned app had already tested this change with a few select instagramers late last year and due to good results of approval and adoption, decided to extend it to all users in the world.

This option will begin to announce this week gradually. Thus, on the screen it will show a message that says “We present longer stories. Videos shorter than 60 seconds will no longer be segmented.”

The new modality is ideal for those who use stories to answer questions, relate a situation or show a presentation, without interruptions.

Which means influencers working for brands will be able to share videos that don’t cut off every 15 seconds, and viewers will no longer have to continually tap the screen to skip past a long video they might not want to watch.

But the decision does not always leave everyone satisfied. Some users noted that the change might turn off people who liked the simplicity of short stories. Also, the ability to post longer unbroken stories blurs the difference. between this function and the Reels.

Instagram: new functions in sight

Last week it was confirmed that Instagram is testing a tipping feature that would give content creators a new way to earn money with Reels. The tool, which has only been tested internally for now, is called Gifts.

The new functionality, discovered by an application researcher, was confirmed by a Meta spokesperson, who stated that it is a prototype and that it would not go out to the public until it is completely ready.

The change joins the last ones that the Facebook platform has introduced, such as the new links for the stories that were presented a few days ago.

Previously, link sharing was done by “swipe up”, but it was a feature that required 10,000 followers. From today all users can benefit from more openness with which to publicize a website or account in another social network.

In any case, it is surprising that Instagram has given all users the possibility of sharing links in stories, which today are the “hottest” point of the app, while it has never been allowed in the feed, forcing many users to resort to the famous “link in bio”.

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