Change the way we use it: the new features in the Google search engine

Google is probably the site you visit the most times a day, either as your home page or to search for something using the search engine. Last night the company revealed several upgrades to the search engine, which will change the way we all use it in our daily lives.

Among the innovations, you can find a combined search (Multisearch), which will allow users to take a picture or use a screenshot and add text to it – just as you might naturally point to something and ask a question about it. This is expected to help in asking questions that were difficult to formulate in the past. The integrated search is available in English worldwide and in the coming months will expand to more than 70 languages ​​- including Hebrew.

Another feature was named Multisearch Near me, and allows – as the name implies – to take a picture or use a screenshot, and add the word “Near me” in the Google application. The feature will start operating in the United States this fall.

Alongside these, an update called Lens AR Translate enables the translation of text that appears on an image. The new option will be launched later this year worldwide.

In the meantime, Google revealed several new updates to the maps application, which will try to give you a feeling as if you are in the exact place you are looking at in the application. The update named “neighborhood atmosphere” allows you to select a neighborhood and see the most popular places come to life thanks to photos and information directly on the map. The feature will gradually roll out worldwide over the next few months.

In addition, 250 photorealistic aerial views of major world landmarks, such as Tokyo Tower and the Acropolis, can now be viewed directly from Google Maps.

Another feature called Immersive view allows you to plan in advance and get a deep understanding of a city, when it allows you to see the place, the weather and the mass movement depending on the day and time. The feature will be launched in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo in the coming months.

Another innovation allowed users to search with Live View – by lifting the device, to find necessary places such as shops, ATMs and restaurants when you are on the go. The feature will be launched in London, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo in the coming months.

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