Isurus Gaming disputes the American Super Cup against Brazil

The Shark and The Union will compete in Argentina starting on 16 for a 3 million peso prize.

The American Super Cup, which offers a prize of 3 million pesos for the winner, will take place on Friday in Buenos Aires while Isurus Gaming participates in the 2022 League of Legends Worlds.

The Argentine Shark and The Union (Brazil) will play a series to the best of five games to determine the Counter Strike: Global Offensive regional champion after twelve days of competition with one of the most well-known competitive shooters in esports, the one from internet cafes in the early 2000s.

After defeating Meta Gaming and MOB in the semifinals, both teams were eliminated 2-0, and both the Argentine and Brazilian teams agreed to this instance.

If the Argentine squad Isurus Gaming triumphs, it will also be crowned as the tournament’s two-time champion after defeating Dragones in December 2021.

The competition included players from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru and intended to imitate the soccer format of the Copa Libertadores, according to its organizers. Each of them—the Professional Video Game League (LVP), FireLeague, Liga Pro, the CBCS of Brazil, and LGAPlay of Venezuela—qualified from their respective national leagues.

The America’s Super Cup is a collaborative effort between MediaHub Group, an audiovisual, broadcast, and digital production business, and Global Squads, a leader in the world of gaming and esports competitions.

“There is nothing better than being fought between teams from Argentina and Brazil,” remarked Jonatan Cisterna, director of Global Squads, “to reach the final instance of a new edition of the Supercopa de América.”

And he continued, “We are working on a very demanding line-up of events for the future months. This year we have acknowledged sponsors that allowed the Super Cup to continue boosting its level.”

Stone Movistar and Counter Strike coordinated their Cup.

On September 28, a tournament for casual gamers of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game was hosted by the telephone company and the team of Argentine tennis players Diego Schwartzman and former Leona Natali Doresky.

The most recent incident occurred on September 28 at the Stone Movistar Gaming Office, which is located within the Club Nautico Hacoaj de Almagro headquarters and is where their esports teams typically train.

Thais Spadaro and Danilo “H1RO” Docimo served as the referees for the championship match between Nao Trocca and Blueprint. Facundo Gonzalez Toro, the game’s MVP, Ignacio Malvarez, Emiliano Re, Facundo Medina, and Franco Juarez make up the first team, while Martin Ibar, Dan Szew, Facundo Lopez, Francisco Fabre, and Fernando Torres make up the second.

Six matches were played before the final four were decided. After discovering about the Movistar Fibra Cup through an advertising, Nao Trocca, an amateur team that started their trip two months ago, decided to compete in the cup and increased their preparation.

In regards to Blueprint, the group was created within the Copa Movistar Fibra Discord group.

Overpass and Inferno, both of which Nao Troca won 16-2, were the two maps used in the best-of-three final.

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