Pay to star a message in chat during a broadcast

Twitch is testing a novelty on its platform for followers to financially support their favorite streamers by paying to keep a message featured in chat.

The technology company has started testing the elevated chats with a group of channels, in which users will find different payment options to keep their messages visible, for a certain time, as reported by via Twitter.

This way a follower can pay from 5 dollars to keep your message visible for 30 seconds to 100 dollars for two and a half minutes. The company clarifies on its Support page that in the event that several users send an elevated message, these will be placed in a queue that will be managed by the ‘streamers’ and the moderators.

During the four weeks of the trial, these messages will appear at the top of the chat or at the bottom of the video player. And it will only be available in the web version.

This paid visibility is reminiscent of the one Google introduced in 2018 in YouTube con los Super Chats, which in the chat broadcast allows you to highlight a message in the crowd to get even more attention from your favorite creator.

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