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Spain has already started issuing the European Union (EU) COVID Digital Certificate, a document that allows proving that an individual has been vaccinated against Covid-19, has made a negative test he is not recovered from illness caused by the virus, in order to facilitate the mobility between the countries of the Union.

Citizens in Spain they can now request the issuance of the certificate, which during the month of June is in the testing phase, but will begin to be operational from next July 1 in the European Union.


It’s about a free certificate valid in any EU country which will be broadcast in the national language of each State in addition to English. In Spain, the document is issued both by the Ministry of Health and by the Autonomous Communities (CCAA), and it can be ordered in paper version, digital version for mobile, or both.

A QR code it retains the minimum information required by the authorities and a digital seal that guarantees the authenticity of the document. At destination, it is enough to prove compliance with one of the three conditions that are requested to be admitted without problems.

These conditions are having been vaccinated against the virus that causes Covid-19, having carried out a diagnostic test of PCR or antigens with negative result or having suffered the disease of the Covid-19.

Of course, they have small print: virus overcoming must be proven by a PCR with a positive result of more than eleven days, the vaccine must have been supplied in Spain (at least in the request through the Ministry), and the negative test must have been done in the last 48/72 hours, as established by the different countries.

The Government indicates on its website that in no case will it be necessary to travel outside of Spain, but what owning it facilitates and streamlines processes, given that the admission protocols of each State are constantly changing according to the evolution of the pandemic.


To request the COVID Digital Certificate through the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain, the user -resident in the country- must go to the specific website of the Ministry created for this matter.

In this Electronic Office, the Ministry offers two access possibilities: one by Certificate and another by Cl @ ve, an electronic access system for Spanish citizens to the different public services.

Access by Certificate requires the digital Certificate of Natural Person. If the user already has it activated in their browser, the system will allow direct access, but if not, the citizen will have to issue it before continuing with the process.

The Royal Mint establishes two ways to obtain it: with a software Certificate, whose steps it shares on its website, or through the digital ID, in which case a DNI reader is needed.

The second method, through Cl @ ve, requires this authentication system, which establishes an electronic identity for procedures in Public Administrations. In this case, it can be requested by requesting a permanent Cl @ ve, which uses a signature in the cloud to be able to use this system in other procedures, or an occasional one, which is provided through the ‘app’ Cl @ ve PIN or from an SMS sent to the mobile. Similarly, you can use the Electronic DNI.


Each Autonomous Community, as well as the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, presents an own process for issuing the certificate, and all are required by the EU to be able to do it normally since July 1.

The Ministry of Health has made available to citizens a map showing the status of the issuance of the certificate in each Community, and additional information is indicated, since some issue some type of certificate (by vaccination, recovery or test), two of them or all three, since all have passed the technical testing phase.

On the web, it is also possible click on the Autonomous Community that interests the user and directly access the website of the ‘Digital COVID Certificate Request Service’ relevant in each case, if available.

The websites of the Autonomous Communities that are not included in the map are AsturSalud (Asturias), scsalud (Cantabria, from June 21) and Health Castilla-La Mancha (Castilla la Mancha). MadridOn the other hand, it does not have a specific website, but it does allow the procedure to be carried out in its Health Card app on Android and iOS.

In addition to Madrid, there are other Autonomous Communities that also have available the request and issuance of the certificate in the ‘mobile apps of public Health services on both Android and iOS: in Andalusia (Andalusia Health), Aragon (Salud Informa), Canary Islands (MiHistoria), Castile and Leon (SACYL Connect), Catalonia (My Health), Galicia ( and Navarra (Personal Health Folder).

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