Air, privacy, transportation, and even gifts – the Israeli developments of the giants and local startups are changing the lives of millions of people around the world.

One of the topics that has interested the world the most in the past year is air quality, with an emphasis on its purification from bacteria following the corona epidemic. For the past four years, Tadiran’s research and development team has been working on a solution that purifies the air we breathe. Tadiran’s R&D arm has succeeded in developing and implementing an innovative technology, dubbed Air Care O2 – a world-registered patent with the approval of a laboratory registered with the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration. Tadiran’s innovative technology converts moisture in home air into hydrogen peroxide. And the safety of 99% of the viruses and bacteria in the room. The innovative development is compact and easily suitable for any home. Moreover, it is a good technology not only for home use, but also for cars, aircraft and even agriculture. Moshe Mamrod, CEO and controlling owner of Tadiran, noted: “We started implementing the technology in the air conditioner, as it is our core product, but in the near future we intend to set up sub-units for additional activities that will provide air protection everywhere.”

There is also an Israeli line on the issue of information security. Founded in 2018, Mine has developed artificial intelligence-based technology, machine learning and language processing, which serves as a “smart personal assistant” that allows each of us to regain control of personal information and reduce digital risks. Within a year, and during the Corona period, it launched its product in Europe and the United States and completed a round of funding led by Google’s AI-focused venture capital fund, its first investment in Israeli entrepreneurship.

Maine users have sent more than 1.5 million information deletion requests to companies worldwide (accounting for about 99% of the deletion requests worldwide). These numbers include more than 15,000 cases defined as Epic Save, in which users sorted their personal information from commercial databases, shortly before these databases were hacked by hackers – for example EasyJet.

In recent years, the gift culture in the country has undergone a revolution. Instead of vases, credits, replacement notes and paper vouchers, the BUYME gift platform has made the whole experience more technological, smarter and much more accurate. BUYME, which was founded in 2011, provides access to tens of thousands of gifts from more than 1,200 businesses across the country, through the website and app. This is the first and largest digital gift platform in Israel.

The issue of transportation is also well emphasized in Israeli high-tech, and ITC, a portfolio company of the Highroad Innovation Center, has developed technology that makes traffic lights smart. Dvir Koenig and Aharon Brauner, graduates of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ben-Gurion University, decided to develop smart technology that allows full automatic control of traffic lights at intersections using artificial intelligence-based (AI) prediction. In fact, the ITC system knows how to prevent traffic jams before they accumulate, by managing artificial intelligence. The company’s solutions are already installed on various sections of Israeli roads and in various projects in Japan, and other countries are in advanced contact to implement the technology in their traffic lights.

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