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The function of video calls between multiple users has started to reach the messaging app Telegram, for now in its beta phase, and allows you to add live video signal to your existing group voice chats.

The new function has been introduced in the last Telegram beta for Android, version 7.8.0, which was launched at the end of last week, although at the moment the function is not fully operational, as reported by GizChina.

Telegram group video calls are part of the group voice chats of the application, and allows any of its members to start output a video signal, either from the mobile camera or the device screen.

To identify group voice chats with video calls, for now, participants should add the tag ‘#vid’ to indicate that the chat can also contain video. However, at the moment the rest of the participants do not receive the video signal of the others, according to GizChina.

Other updates coming to beta version 7.8.0 of Telegram for Android include animations when sending ‘stickers’, the ability to move the search button to the top of the chats in the favorites section and the appearance of a list of active voice chats in the calls section.

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