Check Point warns about security difficulties and cyberattacks, which have increased by 28% during 2022

The company dedicated to cybersecurity Check Point Software Technologies has warned about the security difficulties that companies face, and on the increase in cyber attacks that has occurred this year, rising 28 percent during the third quarter of 2022 compared to the same period of 2021.

As analyzed by the company, provider of cybersecurity solutions for companies and governments globally, the average weekly attacks per organization worldwide exceeded 1,130 attacks.

The trend of cyberattacks has been consolidated in recent years, which has made companies aware of the importance of having a good cybersecurity system that avoids any type of risk, as stated by the company in a press release.

One of the difficulties has been increase in ‘ransomware’. In the month of July the global weekly average of impacted organizations by this type of virus was one in 40 companies. In fact, there has been a increase of 59 percent year-over-year.

Among these affected companies, there have been the sectors of education and research the most attacked,with an average of more than 2,300 attacks per body each week, that is, a 53 percent increase compared to the second quarter of 2021.

Check Point also points out that they are retailers and wholesalers the companies that have been most hit with ‘ransomware’, suffering an increase of 182 percent of attacks compared to the previous year.

To alleviate the effects of ‘ransomware’, Check Point has stressed the importance of make backup copies of the data, keep systems up to date y train employees in terms of cybersecurity.

On the other hand, the security company has expressed the danger that encompasses the ‘cloud’ environment. Specifically, he explained that companies that join the cloud and its services usually find complex situations regarding the protection of their infrastructures,while “suffering a shortage of knowledge and skills in this field”.

Within this framework, 80 percent of companies now use three or more independent solution dashboards to set up cloud infrastructure, Check Point has noted, while the 75 percent of them are in favor of a single platform with a single control panel where “they can configure all the necessary policies” to protect their data.

Another of the great enemies of cybersecurity are ataques ‘phishing’, which continue to be the most repeated. Some most supplanted brands in Spain in 2022 they are Microsoft, DHL o Google. Equally, WhatsApp and LinkedIn They are the most plagiarized social networks.

This suggests that the users have to be more and more attentive to “small details” to avoid falling into this type of trap, according to the company specialized in cybersecurity.

Finally, there are also some security complications in the face of teleworking. Los Hybrid spaces are one of the main fields of attack for cybercriminals and, since the introduction of post-pandemic teleworking, companies have been exposed to several new vulnerabilities since they do not have the necessary tools to extend security in this way.

Director General Check Point Software for Spain and Portugal, Mario Garcia, has pointed out that much remains to be done in this fieldand that it must be borne in mind that, in order to “stay ahead” of threats, it is necessary to adopt a proactive approach in cybersecurity.

“Have the basic measures against ransomware among its ranks,to form employees to identify a ‘phishing’ email or protect all enterprise devices and enpoints It is the basis to avoid being a victim of a cyberattack”, García added.

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