Amir Vahve was appointed CEO of Charlton’s gaming channel

The Charlton Group announced today (Sunday) the appointment of Amir Vahveh as the new CEO of the gaming channel (61st in Partner, 63rd in Cellcom, and 66th in HOT). Vahveh comes to the position from the Esports team Tim Finest. Before Feinest, Wahve He also served as the business development manager of Reshet (13).

The Gaming Channel is a television venture of the Charlton Group and includes original and purchased content from the most sought after in the world, senior eSports leagues in full Hebrew, and programs led by leading talents and YouTubers in Israel.

The Gaming Channel (Photo: None)

Amir Vahve said: “I am excited to join the Charlton Group and the Gaming Channel. The gaming industry is gaining momentum in Israel and around the world. The Gaming Channel is a home for the entire field of gaming thanks to the multitude of platforms on which it exists and the ability to create quality, refreshing and groundbreaking content.”

“The Bevala gaming channel is already considered the leading gaming portal in Israel, with over 80,000 uniques per month, alongside strong TV and social media channels. Customers can receive wide and high-quality coverage. I thank the Charlton Group for their trust and support and I am sure that together we will succeed in making a significant change in perception among the gamers in Israel”.

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