Fortnite introduces limited accounts to protect the gaming experience of the youngest

Epic Games has announced the implementation of a type of account designed for younger Fortnite players,which maintains all of the game’s features, but incorporates parental control settings.

Fortnite players they will have to enter their age when they log in to the game, a measure implemented by Epic Games this Wednesday that in case of detecting users under 13 years of age, it will modify their account to a limited one.

the limited account disables some features, such as purchasing items with money, communicating with voice or text chat, or linking your Epic account to other services to log into them.

For the account to stop being limited, the player under 13 years of age must have the consent of their parents or legal guardians,who, in addition, will have access to some parental controls to personalize the experience, as Epic reports in a post on its official blog.

Likewise, and as Epic already announced in September, users under 18 years of age who have not confirmed their age will see that they have modified some privacy settings, that in Chat it will go to ‘No one’, the visibility of the profile to ‘Hidden’ and the groups ‘Only by invitation’. Recommendations will also be disabled.

Once they have communicated their age, and as long as the account is not under parental or limited control, they can reset privacy settings.

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