The WhatsApp instant messaging app is working on a number of new features that will be released soon, including a new function called “Communities”, it was published today (Friday) on the WABetaInfo website. The function is still in development stages, but is then expected to be available for both Android and iOS, when no exact date has been set.

what’s the matter? Although the name can evoke a variety of possibilities, according to the report, it is an “expansion of powers” of WhatsApp group managers (admins) who will have wider control over groups and even be able to create groups within the community, while improving administrative tools so that it can operate optimally.

The new WhatsApp feature (Photo: Screenshot from Wabetainfo)

As you can see in the screenshots, it will be possible to create a kind of “community chat”, reminiscent of the group chat that currently exists, but looks like a kind of hybrid between it and a social network. The icon has also changed a bit.

The function is expected to allow managers to send messages in group chat and will be able to group subgroups related to that group. For example, degree students who open a joint group will be considered a “community,” and each separate teaching class will be a group, belonging to the same community. The community will offer various tools to its administrators, but since this is still in the development stage, the advanced tools are not yet known.

The new WhatsApp feature (Photo: Screenshot from Wabetainfo)The new WhatsApp feature (Photo: Screenshot from Wabetainfo)

This week we reported a new improvement that will apply from the moment the following update comes in (on Android devices first): The connection to the messaging network will be made not only through the mobile phone where the app is installed, and will remain connected to WhatsApp via computer or tablet QR. Meaning: It will be possible to surf WhatsApp without internet on the phone.

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