Apple CEO Tim Cook Provided a rather surprising statement this week, hinting during a DealBook conference in New York that Android devices may be a better choice for some users. As mentioned, during the event, Cook was asked to address the fact that users of the iOS operating system are prevented from installing applications outside the official store, in contrast to Android devices where the above option exists.

“People can choose which smartphone to use, and if they are interested in installing external apps – they can buy Android,” he explained. “This choice exists today when it comes to purchasing a new device.” He teased the operating system from Google, and gave his opinion on operating systems that allow free installation of applications from any source: “From our point of view, it’s like a car manufacturer offering the customer not to install airbags or seat belts in the car.” According to him, no one would think to offer such a thing today – it’s just dangerous.

As mentioned, the issue of installing external apps on iPhones has become particularly burning in recent months. Last week, Craig Federighi, senior vice president at Apple, said, “Installing external apps is ‘the best company for cybercriminals,'” and stressed the dangers of installing external apps.

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