Why many suggest removing Google Chrome from Android phones

The renowned cybersecurity specialist Tommy Mysk revealed to the magazine Forbes a series of vulnerabilities that affect the operation of Google Chrome.

After this statement, a stampede of comments was generated on social networks and some specialized media began to recommend that the browser is removed from the devices Android.

The controversy was sparked through an article published at the end of October where Mysk stressed that Chrome share accelerometer data by default (used for the orientation of the device) since it remains active for any web page that is visited through the browser.

In addition, in a previous article, the expert had already made a similar warning related to some iPhone ‘apps’. In view of this circumstance, Mysk attached a video showing how to disable that data sharing feature without removing the web browser.

What is the accelerometer of a cell phone

The accelerometer is a sensor that takes care of the position and orientation of the terminal. And while its main function is to get us to move easily between vertical and horizontal mode, it also serves to record each movement that is made.

From PhotoArena supported the specialist’s recommendation, stating that the accelerometer is used by “various mobile applications, the worst offenders being Facebook and its satellite messaging applications“.

To deactivate the function, you just have to open Google Chrome and enter ‘Settings’ and then ‘Site settings’ and ‘Motion sensors’, where you can block web access to accelerometer data.

From Forbes, an investigation has been carried out to make it clear that as long as we have Chrome installed, any website that has access to this data will be able to use it to monitor the interactions we make with advertising, impressions (number of times we see a banner) and register your device.

Floating button, the novelty of Google

Google is preparing a novelty in its main application. Is about a new floating button for quick voice and text searches on Android phones.

This novelty comes thanks to 9to5Google that has taken the trouble to investigate the APK of version 12.44 of the Google app and thus find this comfortable floating button to access quick searches.

Google’s new floating button.

Unlike the classic fixed bar, this finder can be placed on either side of the screen and has the ability to change shape to become a pill when moved. If it is not useful, it can be easily disabled.

Clicking on the magnifying glass opens the Google application, ready for one to enter the search parameters with the keyboard. While tapping on the microphone opens voice search, which is not the same as Assistant.

The most important feature of this floating button is its ability to coexist with other apps on the desktop or mobile home. That is, it can always be at hand, while one is chatting with WhatsApp or another app for an instant consultation.

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