In recent years, it has often been reported that Apple is working on a variety of new products, from different categories and types – including those that we did not necessarily expect the company to express interest in. Now, it is trying to take one more step in the field of transportation – according to patents that the company registered and were published over the weekend. The charts show that this is a type of UAV, which can be controlled via a wireless remote control. The second product that appears in the charts is a type of skimmer that is operated via the iPhone, or a Nintendo console.

Apple filed these patents in Singapore, with the goal of “keeping the projects secret,” and has since filed the patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In fact, the first documents were submitted about a year and a half ago, but arrived in the United States only in February and April. According to a report in Patently Apple, they were officially approved for the company only on November 11 this year.

Another patent of the company, approved last May, describes a new technology for iPhones, which may not reach the markets. It is the ability to hunt for a three-dimensional image on a smartphone, without the need for various accessories such as binoculars and headphones of virtual reality and augmented reality.

It is important to emphasize that although Apple has filed patents on the subject, it is still unclear whether it actually plans to develop these products and features. However, Apple has often turned these patents into a finished product, a notable example of which is the smartwatch. The first patent on the subject was filed in 2009, and marked the beginning of the company’s interest in wearable products. Over the years the design has changed, when in 2014 Apple submitted a request to design the first watch face in the square shape we are familiar with today.

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