Instagram presents an automatic voice generator from text for Reels

Instagram has enabled a new text-to-speech feature that users can use on their Reels and that allows play a text in audio on an image or a video, as well as a tool with which they can modify it and add effects.

The social network has announced this novelty on its Instagram Creators profile, where it has indicated what the so-called ‘Text to Speech’ consists of, how can it be accessed to this and how the audios can be edited using the ‘Voice Effects’ tool.

In this post, Instagram indicates that it is now possible to use an artificial voice to read any text, instead of the user who narrates it or use your own voice in the video.

To do this, you must first open Reels to record a video or retrieve it from the device gallery. Then the desired text is added through this text tool and select the type of voice, to choose between two options. Finally, it is published.

This function, which has been incorporated into other social networks such as TikTok for a long time, is complemented by another service that allows you to modify this voice and add different effects to it. Among them helium, the robotic voice, of a giant or with a loudspeaker effect.

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