Bezeq announced today (Tuesday) the next generation of the home Internet network, and launches the FTTR, an optical fiber that also reaches the rooms themselves, and enhances the browsing experience for users. Also, a new service has been launched that allows surfing on WiFi at speeds of up to 1 GB even in another room in the house. The new service allows a solution of quality surfing even for areas in the house where there is no reception, such as a storage room, basement or upper floor. The service involves threading a fiber to the room and installing a technician.

In addition, Bezeq launched the highest browsing speed in Israel, and one of the highest in the world – 2.5 GB – at a price of 149 NIS per month (excluding Internet provider), with the expansion of the deployment and the increase in demand for high speeds. The company also launched the new generation of router. The existing Be, the Be Fiber, the new router allows 2.5 GHz browsing and also supports the connection of 128 devices in parallel.

Measured surfing speed (Photo: Autumn Tiger)

The company noted that the Be Fiber is a powerful and advanced router, the best of its kind, which combines innovative technology and a variety of advanced services such as cyber threat protection, mesh unit, faster wireless internet and wider coverage ranges. It also has a modern design that fits into the main space of the house.

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Simultaneously with the launch of the new router at Bezeq, they also announced the launch of Mesh Fiber – which allows for a continuous and wide.ranging surfing experience throughout the house. The Mesh Fiber service enables WiFi 6 surfing throughout the house with the ability to move smoothly between rooms.

Dudu Mizrahi, CEO of Bezeq, stated: “We promised and kept. Only last January did Bezeq begin to deploy fiber at an unprecedented rate, when in just six months we deployed a fiber infrastructure that reaches about 680,000 households. I am proud to announce that Bezeq’s fiber network is already the largest and most extensive in Israel, and that by the end of the year we are expected to reach one million households. “He added that” Bezeq is revolutionizing the fiber field and changing the Internet market in Israel. Which includes 80% of households in Israel in the center and periphery. ”

The Leizerowitz Foundation, Bezeq’s VP of Marketing and Innovation, said that “research we have done shows that the most important thing for customers is the experience of surfing at home. For customers, stable internet and continuous browsing in all rooms of the house are important, probably in light of the changes that have taken place in the usage patterns of all of us in the past year. Bezeq announces the new generation of home browsing enhancers, which enable gigabyte surfing in every room in the house. Bezeq’s intensive fiber deployment, together with the extremely fast surfing speeds and our new products, will enable Bezeq to continue to lead the communications market in Israel. “

Meanwhile, Bezeq will launch a large.scale advertising campaign tomorrow, starring Gidi Gov and Omar Adam, who is joining it for the third time. As in Bezeq’s previous campaigns, this time too the company chose to make a cover version of one of the big hits and this time it was decided on a very famous Britney Spears hit – ooops I did it again, centered on Bezeq’s statement about another huge move by the company in the field of high speed internet. Gidi Gov and Omar Adam in one of Bezeq’s successful campaigns, all under the message – Bezeq is bringing the next generation of the Internet – Bezeq’s fiber Internet – the fastest in Israel.


  • On the occasion of the launch, Bezeq is offering a 50 percent discount on surfing at speeds of 1 and 2.5 GB for the first three months – NIS 74.5 per month for a 2.5 GB rate and NIS 59.5 for a 1 GB rate.
  • The Be Fiber router is provided to customers in a rental model at a cost of NIS 19.90 per month, similar to the existing price for the Be Fiber router today. You can connect to a package that includes the Be Fiber router together with the Mesh Fiber, which includes a connection to another fiber at home at a cost of NIS 39.90 per month.
  • The Mesh Fiber will be available to customers from July and its price will be NIS 19.90 per month. You can also connect to the service through a package that includes the new Be router at a cost of 34.90 (Be plus Mesh).

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