Embarrassment to the FBI: Hackers hacked into the FBI’s e-mail system, sending tens of thousands of messages warning of a cyber attack, so warned during the night (Saturday to Sunday) officials at the agency and various security experts. The FBI noted that the messages in question appeared to come from a legitimate email address of the service, ending in[email protected] “Although the damaged hardware was disconnected upon discovery of the burglary, it is an ongoing situation,” the organization noted.

As mentioned, the Spamhaus Project threat monitoring organization tweeted on its Twitter account that the hackers who broke into the FBI sent tens of thousands of emails, warning of a possible cyber attack. A screenshot of an email published by the organization showed the caption on the subject line – “Urgent: Threat to the System”, and at the bottom of the email appeared the signature of the Ministry of Homeland Security.

However, it is still unclear whether the hackers were involved in the incident, or whether the above messages were sent by a person who held a happy access to these computers.

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