Working on a comeback: About two years have passed since the moment former President Donald Trump boycotted the Chinese company Wawi, Bloomberg reported that its devices may return to the international market next year. According to the report, the technology giant is considering a dramatic move that will allow the production and sale of smartphones, despite the US sanctions. As mentioned, the company is negotiating with at least two Chinese companies, which are not included in the “blacklist” of the administration, in order to sell them the rights to manufacture the company’s devices – under oil.

These are companies called PTAC and TD Tech, which currently market communications products, and the fact that they are not included in the list in question means that they enjoy access to all Western developments – which they are banned from working with Wawi. These include Qualcomm and Google’s operating system, Android, and the applications that come with it. If the move does go ahead, Wawi will sell the licenses to make the devices – which will allow smartphones, which were considered the highest-quality Chinese devices, to return to mass production and the Western market – under other names. The new devices will include the same components, except for Wavy processors, which were banned for use in the West.

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A source who spoke to the newspaper noted that TD Tech will also sell devices that include Wavy’s design under its own brand. He said the final conclusion may change, as negotiations are still ongoing. This is the best chance for the technology giant, whose devices have competed with Apple and Samsung, to return to manufacturing and selling devices. Since the American boycott, the Chinese giant has experienced a drop in sales. Sources who spoke with the newspaper further noted that Wawi estimates that this will allow the sale of about 30 million devices in 2022, a figure that will not allow it to return to the list of the top five manufacturers in any case.

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