Epic Games believes Apple and Google ‘software’ practices should stop

Epic Games, the developer of the Fortnite video game that currently maintains legal disputes with Apple and Google, to whom accuses of anti-competitive practices on its ‘software’ platforms App Store and Google Play, and has stated that Apple’s current strategy “must stop” and that Google’s stance is “crazy.”

This has been stated by the Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, at a press conference held in Seoul (South Korea) and collected by Bloomberg, after the Asian country in September approved a law to force companies like Apple and Google to open payments in their mobile ecosystems to third parties.

Apple locks up 1 billion users in an app store and payment processor“of their property, and with which they obtain commissions that go from 30 to 15 percent, has denounced Sweeney.

The executive of Epic Games has also affirmed that although Apple respects the laws of other countries, “it is ignoring the laws approved by the democracy of South Korea.” “Apple must be stopped“, has come to assure.

Sweeney also criticized Google for commissions to applications on your Google Play Store platform, which has defined like a “madness” because in many cases Google is not the one who processes the payments. This platform also currently charges commissions of 30 to 15 percent, but from 2022 it will be 15 percent in all cases.

The executive of the Fortnite developer has welcomed the measures taken by South Korea. “I am very proud to face these monopolies with you“explained Sweeney, who has described himself as Korean.

Google has responded to these allegations. A company spokesperson has defended himself in statements to Bloomberg stating that Google Play fees “have never been simply for payment processing“.

“It’s because of how we provide Android and Google Play for free and we invest in the many distribution, development and security services that help developers and consumers in South Korea and around the world, “Google added.

For his part, Sweeney has stated that the practices of Google and Apple go against the principles of the founding of the Internet, and that “Their policies are so restrictive that if the Internet had been invented after the ‘smartphone’, Apple and Google would have blocked all browsers on their platforms. ”

The executive has recognized the right of Apple and Google to obtain benefits, but not beyond their sector of the market. “It is essential that the application of antitrust laws do not allow a monopolist in one market to use its control of that market to impose control over unrelated markets “, it is finished.

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