The startup AI21 Labs of serial entrepreneurs Prof. Yoav Shoham, Uri Goshen and Prof. Amnon Shashua, launched today (Tuesday) a technological tool that changes the way we read. The new tool, Wordtune Read, is based on language analysis models, designed for people in a variety of professions, industries and academia to better cope with a tremendous load of information. Wordtune Read analyzes and summarizes documents in a matter of seconds, enabling users to read long and complex text more efficiently and on average 75% faster.

Wordtune Read addresses the “reading fatigue” suffered by many employees and students, by summarizing key information from the document quickly, concisely and accurately. This helps improve the reader’s productivity, and saves professionals and students about 42 minutes a day.

The company’s first product, Wordtune, was launched about a year ago and has so far gained about a million users. AI21 Labs’ R&D team develops comprehensive models for language analysis. The company has raised $ 54.5 million so far, with the latest raising of $ 20 million based on a valuation of $ 400 million and it intends to recruit dozens of employees for offices in Tel Aviv in the coming year.

How It Works?

Professionals, researchers and students upload long documents of various types, including academic studies and papers, to a PDF file or copy and paste a link of the text they want to read into the new tool. Within seconds, short passages appear next to the text that identify and summarize the main topics in it. This helps users quickly decipher complex language so they can focus on the important parts.

In addition, the Spotlight feature developed by the company, can re-summarize the text from different points of view, while emphasizing the information that the user is most interested in.

Currently, the tool is available for work in English and is available to the general public at the link:

Yoav Shoham, Founder and Co-CEO of AI21 said that “The knowledge that can be gained from reading is powerful, but most of us do not have time to consume all the information we need, the basic way we read has hardly changed since the invention of printing by Gutenberg and we wanted to challenge the method Through innovation. “

“For us, this tool is meant to be a true companion to the thought process,” Shoham added. That way, the tool can help people cut a long story quickly and accurately. “

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